Research Area

  • Bioinorganic Chemistry
    Dr. Ankur Gupta Reaction Mechanisms of (Metallo) Enzymes, Protein Engineering for Enhanced/Alternate Functions, and (Bio) Fuel Cell
    Dr. Debasish Manna Functional Mimic of Metalloenzymes
    Professor J. Sankar Metallocorroles, Synthetic Analogues of Corrin Ring of Vitamin B12 for Magnetic and Redox Applications
    Professor Sangit Kumar Radical Chain Breaking and Peroxide Decomposing Antioxdants, Mimetic Studies of Glutathione Peroxidases Selenoenzymes, Antioxidants and Oxidants Small Molecules for Anti-Cancer Study

    Bio Physical
    Dr. Rajesh K. Murarka Modeling and Simulations of Complex Biophysical Processes (such as, Self- Assembly of Peptides and Proteins, their Interactions with Lipid Membranes, Allosteric Signalling Mechanism and Drug Design) leveraging the tools from Statistical Mechanics, High Performance Computing and Deep Learning
    Dr. Bharathwaj Sathyamoorthy Biomolecular Dynamics, Solution NMR Spectroscopy, Real-time Refolding Kinetics, Molecular Determinants of DNA Folding, and Characterization of Structure of Biomolecules
    Dr. Ishu Saraogi Studying Biomolecular Interactions, Relationship Between Protein Strutcure and Function, Drug Design and Evaluation
    Dr. Ankur Gupta Structure-Function Relationship of Proteins, Correlation of Protein Dynamics to their Function, Intra- and Inter-Molecular Electron Transfer, Light Harvesting, and Plasmonic (photo) Catalysis
    Dr. Rati Sharma Reaction Kinetics of Signaling Pathways, Experimental Stress Response Studies, C. Elegans, and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
    Dr. Vishal Rai Precise Installation of Biophysical Probes
    Dr. Sachin Dev Verma Dynamics of Biomacromolecules
    Professor Saptarshi Mukherjee Protein Unfolding and Refolding, Protein-Drug and Protein-DNA Interactions
    Dr. Apurba Lal Koner Biophysical Processess in Sub-Cellular Compartments of Live Cells

    Chemical Biology
    Dr. Apurba Lal Koner Understanding Physiochemical Properties of Sub-Cellular Compartments, Protein Engineering and Tagging
    Dr. Ankur Gupta Protein Modification and Bioconjugation with Light Responsive Probes and de novo Design of Dunctional Enzymes
    Dr. Ishu Saraogi Chemical Tools to Modulate Biomolecular Interactions, Drug Design, Novel Antibacterial Agents, and Nucleic Acid Modifications
    Dr. Vishal Rai Precision Engineering of Native Proteins, Directed Therapeutics, ADC, and Precision Therapeutics
    Dr. Dimpy Kalia Protein Bioconjugation and Chemical biology of Cyclic-di-GMP Signaling in Bacteria
    Dr. D. Manna Opto-Chemical Control of Biological Functions, Drug Delivery, Photopharmacology, Protein Degradation, and Enzyme Mimic

    Chirality in Molecules and Materials
    Dr. Aasheesh Srivastava Chiral Self-Assemblies, Helical Motifs, and Chiroptical Materials
    Professor Prasanta Ghorai Asymmetric Synthesis involving Organocatalysis and Metal Catalysis
    Professor Sangit Kumar Planar Chirality in Ferrocene, Chirality in Heavier Main Groups: Chiral TBP Geometry, and Enantioselective Bromination
    Dr. Nitin T. Patil Asymmetric Catalysis
    Dr. Sachin Dev Verma Optical Chirality in Low-Dimensional Materials
    Dr. Vishal Rai Stereodifferentiation on the Surface of Peptides and Proteins
    Dr. D.Chopra Crystal Chemistry of Chiral Drugs
    Professor J Sankar Chiral-pi-extended porphyrins, Chiral-pi-extended corroles & their luminescence properties
    Dr. Joyanta Choudhury Chiral Heterohelicenes and Chiroptical Properties
    Dr. Sreenivas Katukojvala Asymmetric Catalysis Involving Carbenes and Metal-Carbenes
    Dr. Manmohan Kapur Transition-Metal Catalysis in the Generation of Quaternary Carbon Stereocenters
    Dr. Abhijit Patra Chiroptical Materials, Circularly polarized luminescence

    Inorganic & Organometallic Catalysis
    Professor Sanjit Konar Molecular Magnetism and Polyoxometallates
    Dr. Joyanta Choudhury Organometallics; Sustainable Energy; Alternative Fuel
    Dr. Ankur Gupta Mechanism(s) of Oxygen Activation and Catalysis in Confined Spaces
    Professor Sangit Kumar Main Group Chemistry, Chemistry of S, Se and Te, and Transition Metal Free C-C and C-Heteroatom Coupling Reactions
    Professor J. Sankar Porphyrin and Corrole Metal Complexes as Model Platforms for Bioinorganic Systems and Catalysis
    Dr. Debasish Manna Functional Mimic of Metalloenzymes

    Material Sciences
    Dr. Abhijit Patra Porous Polymers, CO2 Conversion, Fluorescent Materials, and Nanomaterials
    Dr. Aasheesh Srivastava Soft Materials, Self-assembly, and Synthesis of Nanomaterials
    Dr. Amit Paul Supercapacitor, Electrocatalysis, CO2 Adsorption, and Electro-Organic Synthesis
    Professor J. Sankar Organic Solar Cells and Fluorescent π-Conjugated Molecules for Bioimaging
    Dr. Apurba Lal Koner Self-Assembling Organic and Semiconductor Materials for Sensing, Bioimaging and Energy Application
    Professor Sanjit Konar Switchable Magnetic Materials
    Dr. Varadharajan Srinivasan Computational Materials Science, and Electronic Structure Theory
    Dr. Vishal Rai Biomaterials: Immobilized Proteins, Enzymes, and Antibodies
    Dr. Sachin Dev Verma Perovskites, Transition Metal Dichalcogenides, and Organic Semiconductors
    Dr. Joyanta Choudhury Electrochromic Devices, Materials for Waste Water Treatment
    Professor Saptarshi Mukherjee Luminescent Metal Nanoclusters

    Synthetic Organic Chemistry
    Dr. Sreenivas Katukojvala (a) New Reactive Intermediates: Carbenes, Metal-Carbenes & Radicals, (b) Transition-Metal Catalysis, (c) New Reaction Discovery and Application to the Synthesis of Carbo & Heterocycles/Pharmaceuticals
    Dr. Vishal Rai Chemical Methodologies under Physiological Conditions: Reactivity and Selectivity
    Dr. Manmohan Kapur New Synthetic Avenues in Site-Selective C-H Functionalizations, Total Synthesis of Natural Products and Synthetic Assembly of Peptide based Anti- Mycobacterials.
    Professor Prasanta Ghorai Developement of Synthetic Methods using Organocatalysis, Metal Catalysis, and Asymmetric Synthesis
    Dr. Nitin T. Patil Metal Catalysis, Organocatalysis, Relay and Cooperative Catalysis, Asymmetric Catalysis
    Dr. Dimpy Kalia Organic Chemistry in water, Heterocyclic and Cyclic Nucleotide Chemistry
    Dr. Ishu Saraogi Design and Synthesis of Novel Chemical Agents to Modulate Biomolecular Interactions

    Organic Material and Supramolecular Chemistry
    Professor J. Sankar Non-Fullerene Acceptors based on Rylene Diimides for Solar Cells
    Dr. Deepak Chopra Polymorphism and Cocrystallization in Drugs, Intermolecular Interactions in Crystals, In-situ Cryocrystallization, Photoluminescent, Mechanical and Electrical properties in Organic Crystals
    Dr. Ishu Saraogi Supramolecular Assemblies of Organic Molecules and Applications in Biology
    Dr. Joyanta Choudhury Surface-Confined Supramolecular Assemblies
    Dr. Apurba Lal Koner Pi-Conjugted Organic Materials with Charge Transfer Properties, and Solid- State Emitters
    Professor Sanjit Konar Organic Magnetic and Ferroelctric Materials
    Dr. Amit Paul Supercapacitor, Electrocatalysis, CO2 Adsorption, and Electro-organic Synthesis
    Dr. Aasheesh Srivastava Supramolecular Hydrogels, Charge transfer Materials, Anion Sensing, Drug Delivery
    Dr. Abhijit Patra Organic delayed Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Materials

    Professor Saptarshi Mukherjee Spectroscopy of Biomolecules and Metal Nanoclusters
    Dr. Bharathwaj Sathyamoorthy Solution-State NMR Spectroscopy, Rapid Two-Dimensional NMR acquisition, and Alternate Partial Alignment of Molecules
    Dr. Apurba Lal Koner Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Live-Cell Microscopy for Understanding Bio- Supramolecular Processes, Singlet Fission, and Transient Spectroscopy
    Dr. Abhijit Patra Fluorescence Spectroscopy, FRET in Supramolecular Assembly, and Triplet Harvesting
    Dr. Sachin Dev Verma Ultrafast Microscopy and Spectroscopy, Multidimensional Fluctuation Correlation Spectroscopy, Energy Nanomaterials and Biomacromolecules
    Dr. Ankur Gupta Fluorescence Spectroscopy and lifetime measurements, FRET/Electron- Transfer in Ensemble and Single (Protein) Molecules, and Nanosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy

    Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
    Dr. Rajesh K. Murarka  Modeling and Simulations of Complex Biophysical Processes (such as, Self- Assembly of Peptides and Proteins, their interactions with Lipid Membranes, Allosteric Signalling Mechanism and Drug Design) leveraging the tools from Statistical Mechanics, High Performance Computing and Deep Learning
    Dr. Varadharajan Srinivasan Computational Materials Science and Electronic Structure Theory
    Dr. Rati Sharma Computational Reaction Kinetics, Monte Carlo Simulations, Mathematical Modeling of Signaling Pathways, and Machine Learning