• I-PhD

    IISER Bhopal offers Integrated Ph.D. programme in Chemistry for bright and motivated students who have received their Bachelor’s degree. The programme is aimed to provide young motivated individuals with a rigorous training, desired level of understanding scientific maturity and a solid functional at an early state to enable them to pursue a career in research. The program consists of two years of academic coursework followed by state-of-the art research leading to the Ph.D. degree.
    Admission to the Integrated Ph.D. programme will be made once a year during May/June. Advertisement would be floated between March/April.

  • Eligibility for Admission

    Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant discipline with a minimum of 60% marks or CGPA/CPI of 7.0 on a 10 point scale. Candidates who have passed their graduate examination in the preceding year or appearing in the final year examination of their Bachelor’s Degree can apply.
    If the transcript/grade sheet issued by the Institute/University reports:

    A. Only marks, percentage will be considered.

    B. Only grades, CGPA/CPI will be considered. If CGPA/CPI is reported on any scale other than 10 (eg. 4 point/ 8 point scale), an equivalent CGPA/CPI
        will be calculated as per the following formula:

        CGPA/CPI in a 10 point scale = (CGPA/CPI Obtained×10)/PS

        PS = Point scale used by the Institute/University.

    C. Both marks and CGPA/CPI

          i. Percentage equivalent of CGPA/CPI, as indicated on the transcript/gradesheet, will be considered, if absolute grading was followed.
          ii. CGPA/CPI ONLY will be considered, if relative grading was followed.

    Admissions to the Integrated Ph.D. programme will be through JAM followed by Interview held at IISER Bhopal.

  • Click here to download Course Curriculum