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Bachelor of Science - Master of Science (BS-MS) Dual Degree

The department currently offer BS - MS dual degree program for undergraduate students . This undergraduate program is designed to impart a thorough fundamental knowledge in all fields of chemistry. The course layout is demanding and is constantly upgraded to incorporate current advances in chemistry. During the first two years, all students are introduced to basic chemical concepts via lecture and laboratory courses, to provide them with a general understanding of chemistry. Students who decide to major in chemistry undergo a thorough training in advanced concepts of chemistry for the next three years.

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The department provides a very vibrant Ph.D. program. Diverse research groups led by internationally trained faculty members are dedicated to carrying out cutting edge research in basic and applied fields of chemistry including materials science, chemical biology, organic and organometallic chemistry, theoretical chemistry, spectroscopy and crystallography. The goal of the Ph.D. program is to produce independent, creative scientists who are ready to take on the scientific challenges of the future.

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Integrated PhD

IISER Bhopal offers Integrated Ph.D. programme in Chemistry for bright and motivated students who have received their Bachelor’s degree. The programme is aimed to provide young motivated individuals with a rigorous training, desired level of understanding scientific maturity and a solid functional at an early state to enable them to pursue a career in research. The program consists of two years of academic coursework followed by state-of-the art research leading to the Ph.D. degree. Admission to the Integrated Ph.D. programme will be made once a year during May/June. Advertisement would be floated between March/April.

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