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Material Science
Dr. Abhijit Patra Porous Polymers, CO2 Conversion, Fluorescent Materials, and Nanomaterials
Professor Aasheesh Srivastava Soft Materials, Self-assembly, and Synthesis of Nanomaterials
Dr. Amit Paul Supercapacitor, Electrocatalysis, CO2 Adsorption, and Electro-Organic Synthesis
Professor J. Sankar Organic Solar Cells and Fluorescent π-Conjugated Molecules for Bioimaging
Dr. Apurba Lal Koner Self-Assembling Organic and Semiconductor Materials for Sensing, Bioimaging and Energy Application
Professor Sanjit Konar Switchable Magnetic Materials
Dr. Varadharajan Srinivasan Computational Materials Science, and Electronic Structure Theory
Professor Vishal Rai Biomaterials: Immobilized Proteins, Enzymes, and Antibodies
Dr. Sachin Dev Verma Perovskites, Transition Metal Dichalcogenides, and Organic Semiconductors
Dr. Joyanta Choudhury Electrochromic Devices, Materials for Waste Water Treatment
Professor Saptarshi Mukherjee Luminescent Metal Nanoclusters