The participants are required to complete online registration and pay the registration fee via the online portal. The registration fee is non-refundable and it includes full participation, conference kit, lunch/dinner/refreshments. Registration will be completed only with full payment.

Delegates (Industry) Rs. 10000
Delegates (Academic) Rs. 6000
Life Members, CRSI Rs. 4000
Students (Life Member-Old) Rs. 2000 * #
Students (Life Member-New) Rs. 0 * #
Accompanying Person Rs. 3000
Foreign Delegate US $200

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The registration fee of Rs. 2000.00 is applicable to only those students who are currently members of the CRSI. It is mandatory for the students to become a Life Member of CRSI to attend meetings and/or present posters. If a student becomes a Life Member of the CRSI after paying Rs. 5000.00 (discounted fee), his/her registration fee will be waived for CRSI-NSC-23, and for him/her only the accommodation fee of Rs. 250/per student/per night will have to be paid. For more information about the CRSI membership, please visit A Lifetime Membership card will be sent to all the student members and they can avail the membership benefits such as discount on the registration fee etc for all future CRSI conferences.

# Outstation student participants will be provided accommodation in our Institute hostels at a payment of Rs. 250/per student/per night(twin sharing). Please include the accommodation fee along with the registration fee during the online payment to avail this facility.

For online registration and fee payment gateway, please click here click here