Chirality in Molecules and Materials

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Chirality in Molecules and Materials
Professor Aasheesh Srivastava Chiral Self-Assemblies, Helical Motifs, and Chiroptical Materials
Professor Prasanta Ghorai Asymmetric Synthesis involving Organocatalysis and Metal Catalysis
Professor Sangit Kumar Planar Chirality in Ferrocene, Chirality in Heavier Main Groups: Chiral TBP Geometry, and Enantioselective Bromination
Dr. Nitin T. Patil Asymmetric Catalysis
Dr. Sachin Dev Verma Optical Chirality in Low-Dimensional Materials
Professor Vishal Rai Stereodifferentiation on the Surface of Peptides and Proteins
Professor D.Chopra Crystal Chemistry of Chiral Drugs
Professor J Sankar Chiral-pi-extended porphyrins, Chiral-pi-extended corroles & their luminescence properties
Professor Joyanta Choudhury Chiral Heterohelicenes and Chiroptical Properties
Dr. Sreenivas Katukojvala Asymmetric Catalysis Involving Carbenes and Metal-Carbenes
Professor Manmohan Kapur Transition-Metal Catalysis in the Generation of Quaternary Carbon Stereocenters
Dr. Abhijit Patra Chiroptical Materials, Circularly polarized luminescence