The primary objective of the proposed course is to provide the basic concepts of photoredox processes and its applications to the students and faculty members to seek knowledge and experience from reputed International faculty. Course participants will learn these topics through lectures and hands-on experiments. The lectures will be delivered by Professor Dr. Burkhard K├Ânig, who is renowned scientist in the area of visible photoredox chemistry. The course co-ordinator, Dr. Alakesh Bisai, will share few lectures and tutorials. There will be a series of twenty lectures within the proposed time frame.

Eligibility and prerequisites

The students who are in their master's and Ph.D. programme in Chemistry are eligible to apply. However, candidates with bachelor's degree with a strong background are also encouraged to apply.

You should attend if you are a :
  • BS-MS major or Ph.D. in Chemistry interested in photo-catalysis.
  • Faculty from academia interested in learning research for sustainable future.
  • Synthetic chemist interested in total synthesis of biologically relevant molecules.
  • Material Chemist interested in designing organic materials using photo-redox catalysis.

Application Procedure

  • All interested candidates will have to register for this course on the GIAN portal.
  • After the GIAN registration candidates will also have to complete the 'Registration Form' for this course Online application form.
Course registration Fee

The selected participants will be required to pay a course registration fee of Rs. 500/- (This is separate from the GIAN portal registration fee). This fee includes accommodation and course material, but does not include food expenses.

Important Dates

  AUG 12, 2016 Last Date for accepting applications for participation
 AUG 15, 2016 Announcement of names of selected participants
 AUG 22, 2016 Registration and commencement of the course